Monday, May 5, 2014

Use Excuses to Find Time to Write!

My excuse for not blogging in 7 months? I have been writing a full first draft of my novel that took an unexpected turn back in fall 2013.  The unexpected turn being I disregarded the previous 12 Chapters and started from scratch.  I found a premise that was a much better fit.

What's your excuse for not writing?  Take these excuses and turn them around.  For example:

Excuse 1: I have tons of laundry! Well, that will never go away. So while you have a load in and are waiting for it to finish, have some paper or a notebook handy and start jotting some of the things down that have been closeted up in your head for way too long. 

Excuse 2: By the time I have the dishes done and helped my kids with homework, I'm ready to relax in bed. After watching your favorite TV show, have a journal on your night-stand and before you shut off the lights, record some of things you thought about that day or observed.  See where it leads.  Also, you can always record the TV episode and get out your laptop to type some things down that I know you've been wanting to.

Excuse 3: So busy at work, most times eat my salad in a hurry and get back to it.  It's better for you, and your day-job, to take some time during lunch to mentally have a break. I have a flash drive and plug it in at lunchtime, and then get into my fictional world.  It's refreshing and stimulating for later that day.

Next post I will continue the excuses and how to squeeze in writing time. You will be surprised how those little windows of opportunity can add up, even to a novel!!