Sunday, June 23, 2013

Get Into Character!

WOW, I hadn't realized how long it's been since I last posted here. I haven't been neglecting my writing projects, only my blog it seems. As you well know, especially if your novel is character-driven (which mine is), your characters need to be real to the reader and to the story.  

Actors are told to "Get into Character" in order to successfully portray one on stage, in a movie, or on TV.  Even a re-enactor must get into character to make history come alive for those  wanting a sense of what it was like during that period of history.

Same for writers, characters need to be believable, fleshed out, and have a distinct voice.  So as writers, we too have to "Get into Character" in order to successfully bring our characters and our stories to life! A flat character will have readers lose interest fast.

It's about understanding your characters and tapping into who they are and what they want. When I get stuck or sense my story isn't going in the right direction, I consult my main character and ask what is it that she really wants or what she is looking for.

Many writers do character sketches to help render their characters fully like a painter sketching out his portrait first then adding layer upon layer of color until it takes shape.    

So take a deep breath before you write and get into your character and see what happens ... 

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