Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Newly Published Jordan Advises Not to Get Caught in What Others Say!

Cathy Jordan and I have been a part of numerous writing workshops together and exchanging drafts on our 'novels-in-progress' during the last several years.  This summer her first book "Seeking Samiel" was published by Sunbury Press. Since I had been privy to one of the novel's earlier drafts, I became a fan and very elated (but not surprised) it had been published.  Cathy has always been an inspiration to me, as I've been amazed at how she makes her writing happen with children still in school, a lawyer husband, and a household to run. I know you  all will be inspired also!  

1) Tell us a little bit about your book that was just published—“Seeking Samiel."   Seeking Samiel is about desire—wanting the wrong things for the wrong reason. Who hasn’t ever been bitten by that little demon? I wanted the story to be a horror/thriller because that’s what I like to read, but I’d found a lot of those stories were either over the top or just not relatable. So my response was to make the story relatable with “desire” and to make it as realistic as possible with a cool twist. Demons, in my belief, are real. My twist was making Eva, the main bad girl, the anti-Christ. 

2) Did you always want to write thrillers? Why?   Yes! Thrillers keep me engaged in any story whether I’m reading it or watching it. So, I decided I’d try to write a thrilling novel. 

3) You have a full life with 5 children, a household to run, a husband, outside activities, when do you find the time to write and what keeps you motivated? (Given that most writer wannabes struggle with finding the time and stamina.) Writing is my creative outlet. If I wound up on a deserted island, all I’d need are pencils and paper. I could die scribbling. I find the time when the kids are home and pre-occupied with friends and homework, and late at night when they’re in bed. I stay up pretty late, sometimes until 3:00 a.m. and am ALWAYS surprised that time has moved as if only minutes had passed—and that’s what motivates me.

4) You are well into the sequel to “Seeking Samiel,” when will that be published? I hope by June of 2013 so it can hit the market in time for Halloween(not that it is only for Halloween reading.

5) Have you ever participated in National Novel Writing Month in November? No, but it’s on my “to do” list. What is your advice for getting the bare bones down to a novel in a certain amount of time? My advice is always the same: write! Write, write and then write some more. Don’t get hung up on typos, POV, or writing rules. Just pound out what comes into your head. Let the words flow. Allow each sentence to lead to the next. Clean-up is for after the party, not during. Do you think it is a good idea to do this? If a writer finds it motivating, then I think it’s a great idea. You never know when inspiration will hit, but it often does when under a time constraint.

6) What were some things you’ve done, like hypnosis, writing classes, writers’ groups, writer conferences, to build your skills and keep going with your novel? Writer’s groups really help me. I love the critiques, the advice, and the motivation I get from others. Conferences are a great way to gain contacts and to recharge.

7) Anything else you wish to add? If you really, really love to write, then write. Forget the rules. Don’t get caught up in what others say can or can’t be done. If you love what you do, success will follow. And everyone has their own definition of success. I succeeded when I wrote “The end” on my manuscript. Publication was a grateful bonus. Anything after that is fun, fun, fun!

Cathy Jordan's book SEEKING SAMIEL can be purchased from Sunbury Press by going to or at

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