Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mowing Your Writer's Lawn

There's something relaxing about the sound of lawnmowers and washing machines.  It's the consistency of the sound, kind of like a lullaby and knowing dirty clothes will be clean and the lawn that has grown way too high will become neat and tidy. 

This can be the same type of satisfied feeling you get when you mow down some of those weedy words that grew in the middle of your novel or short story.  The minor character that doesn't move the story forward or the lengthy description of someone's china cabinet with its crystal goblets. Sound familiar?

It is sometimes hard to see those things that really don't belong in your writing piece.  Your writing just got so overgrown you missed them.  But as the revision process takes it course, your critique partner or group can help pinpoint them.

Don't be hesitant to cut your writing and tighten up your text, so readers are able to view and take in the lovely landscape you set out to write.  It's all part of being a writer, having passion for every part of the process, the pruning as well.

PS: Part II of my interview with Sue Nordema is up next, promise.  It's just been a summer of renovating some apartments for me and my family.  Hopefully the fall will bring a more settled time for me and more blog posts.  Happy writing!