Monday, March 5, 2012

The Waiting Game for Inspiration

I'm back. I've been fighting a really bad sinus infection that seems to be hanging on. Anyway if I would wait to write until I was 100% better, it could be another few weeks and missed opportunity.  That brings me to this week's blog.  Many creative people often comment that they haven't been drawing, painting, or writing because they are waiting for inspiration to come knocking.  I picture them standing at the BUS STOP FOR INSPIRATION, waiting and waiting, wondering if it will ever pick them up and transport them to their desired creative destination, so they'd be able to create!

I used to wait to write. I'd wait until I was sure my writing would be perfect. I'd wait until my "critical editor" would shut up. I'd wait for confidence. I'd wait until I had more time. I'd wait and wait until there wasn't any writing getting done. Inspiration came once I started to write.  Once I took action.

It doesn't take a lot to find inspiration, you just have to stop waiting for it to come to you.  Look around and notice the details of your daily life.  You will soon be in wonder how you missed the  many things that can get your creative juices going and flowing.

For me it's been writing even when I'm unsure about what to write, even when you don't feel a surge of electricity. The Internet, the library, music, photographs, a conversation, newspapers, traveling, magazines, history, etc., all can inspire. Sometimes just thinking about the different events of you life or what interested you as a young child. 

It can be a matter of your perspective and looking at something differently for a change, like inspiration. Change things up and you will be more than pleasantly surprised!!!  I know when I took on a proactive approach, I no longer had to wait for inspiration. So what inspires you into action?

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