Monday, October 31, 2011

The Writing Well

My writing workshop at the library ended last Monday, and although I didn't want to see it end, I wanted to excavate more of what started when in class.  

What has really resonated with me over the last six weeks is how our stories, our writing, needs to be cajoled, nurtured, found  and brought to the light of the page. It's as though we must drop our writer's bucket far enough and often enough into our creative well in order to bring about what is nudging for expression.

What comes out of the well isn't always fresh, clear water.  Heck, may times the writing bucket is dry.  This means take what you find and sift through it, returning the next time and lower the bucket again.

It may not seem like you're getting anywhere, but soon your bucket will overflow.  Many times as I settle to sleep, I play out scenes in my mind and meditate on how my characters might react to a certain situation. It's lowering the bucket and discovering what's lurking, waiting, hoping to take form.

So keep dipping into your creative well even when you don't feel like it or only a few drops come back.  

How do you keep persevering?  I do by writing even when some days I don't know why or feel like it.  Happy Halloween ... 

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  1. Susan that's a great analogy. Writing is work. And yes, we go to work even if we don't feel like it. So yes, I grit my teeth and plop myself down. :P