Friday, September 2, 2011

May Your Writing Be Filled With Sunflowers

It is now a year since I started this blog and felt it time to shape it up, chip away as the sculptors do with their lump of clay, to fine-tune their artwork.

I found out this week about the different varieties of sunflowers and was amazed at the one pictured in this bouquet, from a local farmer in Pennsylvania.  This is a double-sunflower and I went ga-ga over it. Never saw one before!

I have a rubber stamp with the saying, "May Your Day Be Filled With Sunflowers" and every time I stamp it on a card it brings all kinds of good feelings, as the sunflowers themselves do.  So I thought it would apply to writing as well.

How? The sunflower reminds people of a bright wonderful sun, cheery and bringing warmth and inspiration.  So wishing this, is wishing writers allow their stories/novels/poetry to take hold and connect with the situations, feelings, and lives from our heart! Making each writing venture a double-sunflower ...

How to accomplish this?  We are so much editors anymore as we write, it is hard to let go when writing.  I keep telling myself, it doesn't matter, just get it going, full-steam ahead.  I believe we have to trick ourselves by having a mindset, as we try to get the words flowing, of "I'm only playing around with words and characters and plot." Or "Brainstorming," where no one else will ever read this at this stage.

Place items/photos in your writing space that make you feel like you are the middle of a sunflower field.  Whatever may make you cut loose those strings of the past--negative English teachers, rejection slips, etc. 

So may your day be filled with sunflowers and wonderful writing-time!  Let me know what helps you to 'just write.'