Sunday, July 31, 2011

She asked, "Why aren't you writing?"

I ask myself this all the time.  The headline refers to a comment made in 1979 by a college classmate about my writing life.  At the time, I struggled with another question, "Am I a writer or not?" Writers write, and I hesitated way too much.

What makes us hesitate?  During that period of time, I could never answer my classmate. I basically had no answer. There was only hesitation and no real writing. 

Left abandoned, my writer within didn't get to flex its muscles and move forward to improve. I was stalled. I had a potential vehicle to drive, but never would put gas to take it anywhere.

Finally after college, I decided I wasn't a writer because I wasn't writing.  Which in part was true.  Some part of me never gave up though, and eventually I shed a lot of the doubt and allowed myself to write.

I spotted this retail sign deteriorated, hidden behind overgrowth, rusty and broken.  But I found it appealing to photograph and find the beauty in something upon first glance didn't have much to offer.  If I would have not paid attention or hesitated, I may have missed a wonderful chance to connect with my creativity and share my vision with others.

Same too with writing.  Wherever I end up, I am enjoying the process and not staring at my writing from a distance.  So after many years, my classmate wouldn't have to ask me this question anymore. She'd be asking me, "What are you writing now?"

So ask yourself, "Why aren't you writing?"