Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Art Journaling Project

It has been way too long! I can give many excuses but that's all they'd be, excuses. I'm here now and working toward a better blog schedule.

I've been wanting to start an ART JOURNAL for months now and have gathered items to get started. I'm using a 2010 hardbound Victorian calendar book. I liked the Victorian-style and decided that was appropriate for me.
This is the inside page of the cover. As you can see I'm a "Wizard of Oz" fan. I especially liked the line Glenda, the good witch, said to Dorothy "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" I found myself often asking myself this very question, "Am I a good artist/writer or a bad artist/writer?" Sometimes it can be a hindrance to question ourselves too much about how good or bad we are as artists, photographers, etc. It may even stop us for a time. Self-doubt can be the bad witch chasing us for our sparkling "ruby slippers" or creativity. 

I used to keep a regular journal, mostly testing the creative waters like poetry, but mostly allowing myself to vent. The above is a drawing my son did at an young age and I've always loved the simplicity of it and the huge scale of the wings on his angel. This is on the first page inside, a positive child-like image of an angel with her arms open. It is to remind me that I must be open and spread my wings when it comes to my creative spirit and whatever project, whether it be writing or photography or mixed media.

We all remember the scene of the Wicked Witch, and there was no question she was not a 'good witch', when Dorothy threw a bucket of water to stop the fire from burning the Scarecrow. I loved that part, a victory for Dorothy and the others. Don't we all feel like we're melting when someone throws us a negative statement or comment about our artistry or we feel like our creativity/muse might melt at any moment and fizzle out completely?  

Another thought is that sometimes we have to let ourselves 'melt' in order to regroup or refresh and find our creative path.

I'll have more on my progress with my ART JOURNAL in my next blog.  If you have done Art Journaling already, any comments about your experience would be appreciated. 

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