Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Matter of Perspective/Point of View

There are so many similarities between the arts--from sculptors who start with an undefined mass of clay so they can chip away at it and shape a form; to writers who start with a blank page and use words as their tool to shape a character. The same for photographers who use their perspective/angle in a picture to convey a message, personality, story; writers also use point of view/perspective to communicate.  I did a little study with my camera and a vase of yellow roses to demonstrate the different perspectives.

A look from above the vase, you see more of the stems and the water and in my view adds more interest.  You can also readily see which buds never opened at all.

Here I singled out one unopened yellow rose.  Your eye focuses for the most part on this solo rose. Since it is not attempting to even open up, that gives it interest also.

Here I'm really choosing what I want the viewer to see/experience.

I will continue later as I have a meeting to attend. 

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