Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Art is Coming Face to Face with Yourself" --Jackson Pollock

Good Morning! I found this quote while browsing rubber stamp sayings and immediately marked it down. I want to ask fellow artists how does this hit home for you? For a long time I actually feared my photography and writing abilities. Not fully delving into them. 

I felt as though my creativity was bottled up, encased for many years.  Fear freezing it up, so it was hard to get to. Until I was willing to come face to face with myself, hence face to face with what was holding me back to allow myself to be the creative person I know I am deep down. 

I am talking about being afraid to hear what my heart was whispering about doing different creative endeavors. Not trusting my own creative voice and not facing who I really was underneath. You probably know exactly what I'm talking about. 

I do believe it has been by the grace of God that this creative dam was broken inside me, and now my ideas for creative projects seems to flow steadily where I am often challenged to decide what to focus on first. 

For instance, in the last decade, when I spot something that interests me photographically, I find my camera and just snap away and then see if I have anything. Instead of mulling it over and over, is this a good picture or not?  It's best just to follow an instinct to where it wants to go.

I'm more willing to risk, try new things, face myself more! Another gauge is opening up your writing to critique. It is opening yourself up to others seeing who you are and thus you are vulnerable.  That's why it feels so scary. 

You ultimately see what has been hidden inside you and what you've allowed to come forth ... and allowing the story to unfold.  This could mean facing many things that you may not want to see.    

But from the gray, cold, dismal, eventually comes spring and summer ... Stay warm and fearless!!