Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Keep Pruning

Yes, I am here this morning with a cup of coffee, contemplating all that needs done creatively and around the house for the holidays. My main characters have been filling my head along with sugar plums dancing in my head. I have yet to bake cookies, go serious shopping, and decorate a tree. 

Seems for some reason Christmas came up on us from behind and now we're faced with less than two weeks. I haven't felt much in the spirit, tis the season for my allergies and sinus inflammation. I also haven't made headway with my work-in-progress novel and my main character, a soon 30-year-old female, wanting life to just go on as it has for the last 15 years. Doesn't like complications.

But sooner or later, mostly sooner, we all are face to face with those types of things, and whether we finally do something about it, is up to us and how much we've grown as a person. So how will my character respond to evidence that presents itself and shakes the world she has known?

This photo best illustrates where I'm at with my main character these days, I have to get the big hedge clippers and get all the overgrowth to find the gems to her personality. This pic was taken in one of my favorite states, Maine.  All around this man's land were old rusty vehicles hidden by fallen tree branches and overgrown grass, etc. 

Made for neat pictures, I found the aesthetic even with all the rust, tall grass, and unkempt land.  I walked and walked through it and found what I was looking for! I uncovered the beauty, my vision of beauty. Just like we are to do with our characters. 

Yes, I was really into the dilapidated and made my husband stop so I could take pictures of this house falling apart at the seams. I could actually use these pictures as jump-starts to getting the juices going with my character when I get stuck.  What are your characters hiding behind the tall shrubs or behind the walls to this broken-down house? 

I plan, along with the baking, wrapping, and getting packages out in the mail, to work on her as a gift to myself during the holidays.  It makes me happy to be creative and give myself the time to do so and make progress ... will keep you all posted. HAPPINESS to ALL for a GREAT HOLIDAY, however you celebrate!!