Thursday, November 11, 2010

Part of the Picture

It seems like forever since I've posted. It's been a combination of being very busy at work to allergy season taking its toll on me. It seems no matter I can't seem to catch up lately. I'm still finding my way with this blog also. So bare with me!

The pictures above are different perspectives of the Eiffel Tower I took in Paris this summer. It's only part of its vast structure. I tend to like pictures that give small hints of things and where you fill in the rest. You know the saying of less is more. 

Somehow the less part is more appealing than seeing the entire picture. I like to try and use different angles or find a new way to take a picture of a major landmark like the Eiffel Tower. It was truly magnificent. 

Of course a straight shot speaks for itself, but it's more challenging to find new ways to take a landmark that has been photographed a zillion times. Many times writers and photographers and painters don't have to give the 'whole picture' in order for the audience to understand what the message is or what is going on in the story.

It might seem something is left out but that can make it more interesting and that in itself may be the entire point of the piece. Like in a short story, if the writer places every single detail about a main character from head to toe, there'd be nothing left. We'd soon lose a desire to find out what happens to this character as we have gotten lost in the full picture maze finding out she only drinks Maxwell House coffee, is tall, eats pizza every Friday, visits Aunt Ruth every Tuesday, exercises on Wednesday and Saturday, wears red shoes a lot, etc.

This was part of a huge wall painting of the coronation of Josephine at Versi (excuse if misspelled). I decided only to take pictures of parts of it as opposed to capturing the whole. You can see a whole lot in the faces of these three women.

Good night for now.