Friday, October 1, 2010

The Sky's the Limit

For the past decade or more, I've been enamored with vibrant, dramatic skies that seem to be mostly right in my back yard. Although traveling to Tuscany, Italy, this summer the sky appeared to follow me. My husband and I ran outside our Villa so I could soak in the sky with my camera. 

These skies bring me inspiration for whatever creative endeavor I am involved in at the moment.  They are "eye candy" and very meditative. They occur at sunset and there is something majestic about them and how the sun leaves behind for a short time its artwork painted in the sky with brilliant color.

The clouds are saturated with color at times and other times strewn across the sky like pulled cotton candy in pastel pinks and baby blues. The next pictures were taken in 2007 in Philadelphia. That's the thing with being both a photographer and writer, one complements the other. I can use the photographs as an exercise in descriptive writing and to document what I don't want to forget and use later for a writing piece. Or vice versa, from my writing I want to visualize and put into a photograph.

It definitely puts a new twist on picking out faces and animal shapes in the clouds!  

I hope these inspire to take a second look at the sky as it leaves us a signature before saying good night. On that note, I will say good night and HAPPY FALL ... as we have now crossed over into October.   


  1. Susan, those are gorgeous! I love the sky, clouds and the amazings colors. You ought to print a couple of those out and hang them!

  2. long be october n the festival of cloud harvests

    neat shots