Sunday, September 26, 2010

Writing is a Process

Celebrated a birthday last week and actually worked on polishing a short story on my birthday. The day was kind of ho-hum and I wanted to do something that brought me some joy and tapped into my creative spirit. I was feeling kind of frustrated and unproductive with my writing. So that is what I did on my birthday this year to get me into a writing pace again. I did return to my story two more times that week. 

This week I want to keep going and hopefully by mid-October I will be ready to increase my time devoted to my writing. I was thinking how writing is a process and that it only was when I started to really enjoy the process and relax that I was productive and wrote the most.

Sometimes it is like looking for that one colorful leaf amongst all the brown, it's allowing yourself to just write and not edit while going through the process. It's allowing yourself to dig deep into the darkness and see what comes up. I was just reading that you have to live with not knowing where the character is taking you. 

If you are like me, it can be tough taking those leaps of faith in writing. The rewards are great though when you allow the process and realize the process is what it's all about in the end. I'm putting aside the editor in me and giving up the control this week. 

I've started already with this particular short story I am ready to put to bed. So as the leaves start to change in Pennsylvania, and hopefully the air begins to cool, I will allow my characters to take me into their world, their way. And I will enjoy the process.



  1. I have seen it the other way, the writer knows the end, fills in the middle and starts someplace.
    Each have our ways of spinning a yarn.

    Oh n Happy birthday

  2. Love the new rich look of the blog! And your photos are gorgeous too.

    PS...I'll be expecting that homework on my desk by midnight, Oct. 4th, ya hear?! :)

  3. AHEMMMMMM, I didn't get homework assignment last night! You've earned two demerits and a time out!!! ;)