Friday, September 3, 2010

Black and White vs. Color

Went to Paris, France, this summer for the first time and there was no doubt in my mind how awesome it was going to be. I wasn't disappointed in any of my expectations. I just told a photographer friend that Europe is a photographer's dream. Everywhere I turned I saw a picture. I snapped my heart out!!!

While I walked more than 400 steps to get to the gargoyles adorning Notre Dame church, it was worth every bated breath. The pictures I took were among my very favorite. I recently played around in PhotoShop and made a couple black and white and came to the conclusion that changing to black and white really enhanced the mysterious feel you get when you see them. The one above is in color and these below are black and white.

My husband likes the ones in color better, says the color makes the photo rich enough. I guess we each have our own taste. To be fair I'll place another color gargoyle and let you decide on your own. When I go to print them, I will most likely choose the black and white. My husband tells me that gargoyles were sculpted to keep evil away from the church. The last picture above demonstrates a gargoyle chewing on a demon!

Being a writer also, if I look at these pictures long enough, hard enough, I see a story emerging. One art form seems to inspire another in my experience. They all seem to play off of each other. 

Have a great Labor Day weekend. I hope to settle on a design for my blog by next week. I'd really like to make it more coffee-related ... 

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  1. Thank you SO much for the coffee cards, girl! I truly love them!

    Posting at my blog today with a link to yours so you can join the Bloggeritaville community. :)

    Hugs and love ya